Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 4/2015 (English)

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Anna Kosmützky/Romy Wöhlert: International Comparative Research. An Interdisciplinary Meta-Analysis of Disciplinary Approaches

This article gathers methodological reflections on international comparisons, which were found in the method handbooks of the following disciplines: sociology; education; political science; communication and media sciences. The aim of this interdisciplinary meta-analysis is to review and to compare systematically the extent to which specific methods of comparison are being discussed in those handbooks, and which theoretical, methodological, and practical guidance they offer for design and implementation of international comparative studies. In that context, the article also analyses whether international comparison is classified as a method or a research design in the different disciplines, and to which extent these books also deal with specific aspects of the empirical research process. The study demonstrates that international comparative research designs could benefit from an interdisciplinary methodological assessment. Furthermore, the article shows that these texts almost completely ignore the level of collaboration.

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