Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 4/2015 (English)

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Andreas Schadauer/Claudia Schäfer: Socio-technological Actors on a Tense Labour Market. Discrimination and Online-job-platforms

Racial discrimination during the recruitment of new employees still represents a reality in Austria. For job seekers it is a further obstacle and hurdle on an already tense labour market. In our article, we address this topic by paying a particular attention to the socio-technological character of job search. The two leading questions of the article are: To what extent can certain socio-technological objects, more precisely online-job-platforms, affect and shape job search, and in what situations can these foster anti-discriminatory agendas? Based on qualitative interviews with job seekers, we will sketch seven situations in which online-job-platforms can make a difference, but at least hamper discrimination by slight changes in their design.

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