Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 4/2015 (English)

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Martin Weichbold/Wolfgang Aschauer: Recognition of Barriers for Migrants. A Mixed-Methods-Study on Obstacles for the Recognition of Foreign Educational and Vocational Qualifications

The recognition of educational and vocational qualifications, acquired abroad, is of great importance for migrants for their professional activities and thus also for their integration in Austria, but it is being hampered by fragmented responsibilities, lack of transparency, and a lack of knowledge. The study, presented here, tries to show the difficulties and experiences from the migrants’ perspectives. For this purpose, and based on a cluster analysis of microcensus data, four types of migrants were identified (progressive upward oriented generation; defensively-adapted older migrants; ethnic foreclosure in segmented labor markets; integrated migrants of the first generation), and representatives from these groups were asked about in qualitative interviews. Here, we found processes of a deskilling, but also ways of and necessary conditions for successful professional and social integration.

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