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Erich Mohl: From Single Apprenticeship to Module Apprenticeship. Development of Dual Vocational Training in Austria

The present article addresses training opportunities in dual apprenticeship (single-, double-, group-, focus- and module apprenticeship) in Austria. Based on problem-centered interviews, different industry representatives and apprentices were questioned about (a) objectives and intentions of apprenticeships, (b) admission standards and educational processes, (c) experiences with and during the apprenticeships and (d) career- and employment opportunities in the respective apprenticeship. The results show that on the one hand in industry the module apprenticeship (which increased to 33.000 apprentices in 2013) as well as (commercial) single apprenticeship are gaining acceptance, and, on the other, in the craft particularly the single- and double apprenticeship (and to a lesser extent module apprenticeship) are being more accepted. Additionally, the percentage of female apprentices in the technical module apprenticeship increased considerably at the expense of traditional apprenticeship.

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