Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 2/2007 (English)

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Karin Bischof/ Brigitte Halbmayr/ Kerstin Lercher/ Barbara Liegl: Integration as Community-Level Policy Field – Conditions of Development, Problems and Models

The article deals with the policy field of integration at community level and attempts to highlight ramifications for future developments in communities and cities. Integration is understood as a two-way-process, but the focus is placed on the efforts of the receiving society, which represents a necessary precondition for an (active) integration of immigrants. Therefore, strategies undertaken by communities or municipalities to achieve equal opportunity, equality under law and an understanding of cultural diversity are presented. The analysis is based on concepts as well as measures developed in the context of the process of drafting guidelines for integration in communities and municipalities in Lower Austria. The survey addressed relevant policy makers and asked for their assessment of: the current status quo conditions of integration, an identification of challenges as well as needs for support at community level. For the development of integration policy also the perceptions of the majority population about immigrants are important. Referring to the analysed data and experiences that were gained during the process of developing integration guidelines, the authors also discuss some aspects of the processes and preconditions of integration policy development at community level.

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