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Ursula Trummer/ Sonja Novak-Zezula: Humanitarian and Economic Aspects of Health Care for Irregular Migrants in the European Union – Results of a European Study

The European Migration Agenda 2015 places a focus on combatting irregular migration flows and to emphasize the early return of migrants without regular status, but does not give directives on how to and to which extent to provide basic health protection for irregular migrants while residing on European Union territory. Access to health care is enshrined as a basic human right in the European Charta of Fundamental Rights. However, a majority of EU member states complies with this by granting access to emergency care only. The article gives first an overview concerning humanitarian and economic aspects of health care for irregular migrants in the European Union, followed by results of a study in four European Union member states that compares economic cost analyses of primary care (general and direct access to treatment in the registered doctors’ sector in the early onset of illness) with emergency care treatment in hospitals. Results show that timely inclusion into primary care is cost saving compared to hospital treatment of emergency conditions. Ensuring the human right for health by allowing access to treatment in the early onset of illness seems to be reasonable, also in economic terms.

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