Graphik: Bulletpoint Archive: Abstracts issue 1/2018 (English)

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Simon Schumich: The Variety of Sharing Economy – Examples of Online-Platforms

The common usage of things and personal services via online-platforms is trendy. The sharing economy is being contemplated as a new hope for more social and environmental responsibility. The notion of sharing economy is unifying several online-platforms, who act non-profit as well as a variety of profit-oriented business models across sectoral branches. This article is analysing five different peer-to-peer online-platforms under a neo-institutional perspective, concerning their chances and risks. Ever since there are existing common sharing practices, such as neighbourly-helping communities. The fast growing revival of the sharing economy, in the age of digitalization, enables resource-saving and time-independent possibilities and confidential mechanisms to share goods with foreign people via online-platforms, even if legal frameworks do not always exist. Problematic issues could emerge because of new intermediary markets, which are able to trans-form business sectors as well as social political frameworks.

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