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Michael May : Communing and Share Economy of Older Migrants in Germany

Against the background of the empirical research network »AMIQUS: Older Migrants in the Neighborhood – Support and Initiation of Networks of Self-Organization and Self-Help« and »OPEN: On the Intercultural Opening of Nursing Care Counselling«, the practices of a common needs-oriented (re-) production and/ or use of community and collective goods (communing) of older migrants in Germany are examined as well as their orientations and logics of action, which are characterized by an economy of sharing. It turns out that these practices, orientations and logics of action are especially widespread among immigrants, who are still socialized in their countries of origin in context of a subsistence-economic setting of experience. They are interpreted as attempts to enforce the not redeemed and unsatisfied production principles of the traditional household and the share economy of the commons in the present day.

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