Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 1/2020 (English)

Margareta Kreimer/ Andrea Leitner/ Mila Jonjic: Gender Segregation in the Context of Vocational Training and Education and Changing Working Environments

Austria is one of the countries with persistently high gender segregation in combination with a high matching of educational fields and occupations. In this context we analyze the question: How does educational and occupational segregation interact in two highly segregated areas of the labor market? With the focus on the male-dominated fields of mathematics, information and communication technology, science and technology (STEM) on the one hand, and the female-dominated areas of education, health and social affairs (EHW) on the other, we discuss gender segregation in a specific bundle of subjects. Our analysis proves firstly that educational segregation is heavily transmitted to the occupational system. Secondly, the results point to the potential of gender-atypical fields for reducing segregation, but also to their limitations especially among women in STEM. Based on findings from digitalization research, we draw conclusions on the future potential to reduce gender segregation in the fields of STEM and EHW.

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