Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 1/2020 (English)

K. Resch/ H. Terhart/ G. Kremsner/ C. Pellech/ M. Proyer : Ambivalences in the Recognition Process of Professional Skills of Internationally Trained Refugee Teachers in Austria and with Consideration of European Trends

Educational requalification programmes for internationally trained teachers are complex and rare. While these teachers have already completed their teacher education in their home countries and collected teaching experience, these qualifications are only partly recognized in Austria, which leads to an exclusion of the labour market and to social demarcation, even though these teachers come to Austria as academics. Embedded in international research, the only requalification programme for teachers (with a migration background) in Austria, at the University of Vienna, is being used as an example to analyze, which barriers to professional recognition exist and which effects they have. Research results based on interviews with 28 teachers show recognition problems on the formal-administrative level, on the university level, on the informal level, and on the level of schools as potential employers.

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