Graphik: Bulletpoint Abstracts issue 1/2020 (English)

Martin Mayerl/ Peter Schlögl/ Alexander Schmölz: How is Vocational Training Organised in the Company? Empirical Insights into the In-company Part of Dual Apprenticeship Training in Austria

In Austria the mandatory vocational training targets are being defined for the in-company part of dual apprenticeship (about 70–80 percent of the total training period), but there are hardly any normative specifications as to how these should be achieved. The conditions, under which vocational training takes place in a company, have scarcely been scientifically investigated. Against this background, the aim of this contribution is to empirically examine, and based on two data sources and surveys (survey of training companies, survey of apprentices), how vocational learning is specifically organised in training enterprises. The results show that the Austrian dual apprenticeship model is characterised primarily by an employment-related training model. According to these findings, specific educational policy options for dual apprenticeship training are discussed in order to make better use of the potential of the work-integrated training model.

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